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Eldredge Home Inspection


My goals:

My goal as a home inspector is to help others.  Having worked in the remodeling industry for many years I have been able to help others avoid costly repairs to their homes through preventative maintenance and honest evaluations of the work to be done.  As a home inspector I am able to help even more people as they make one of the largest investments of their lives.


What sets me apart:

One of the characteristics that sets me apart from other home inspectors is the ability to explain what your home needs in a simple easy way to understand.  Other inspectors often create an alarmist atmosphere which just creates more confusion than understanding.  My reports give clear descriptions complete with pictures and directions for repair technicians. 




Giving back to the community:


I am a 3rd grade teacher for young boys with the Royal Ranger program.  This                                                       program, similar to Boy Scouts, teaches young boys the skills of camping and                                                         leadership in a Christ centered program. 









I have been a Colonial Sports soccer coach for young boys.  This program is designed

to help young children develop a love for soccer through a safe medium level

competitive atmosphere.  











My beautiful wife and I are raising the most wonderful boys in the world that will

some day be leaders of their own families.

. Call Mike at 919-830-3588 .

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