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I am pleased to provide accurate detailed reports that are easy to understand.  The goal of my reports are to inform you about your home, not to impress you with a wide variety of technical jargon.  


Reports include the following:

                 1.   Numerous color pictures

                 2.  Detailed descriptions citing exact locations of defects for repair

                 3.  Easy to understand Summary Page that brings it all into focus for you

Whole House Inspection
A whole house inspections fully inspects every detail of a home from the shingles on the roof down to the dirt in the crawl space.  Each item has specific characteristics that a trained professional like myself can identify.  You will receive a detailed easy to understand report typically within 1 business days.  I also offer a complete walk through if you are present for the inspection.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is formed when uranium decays in the soil. Uranium is in geological formations throughout North Carolina. When homes or other buildings are built on top of these geological formations, radon is pulled into the home and can concentrate to dangerous levels. Exposure to radon gas has been found to cause lung cancer.  Finding elevated radon levels in a home is a solvable problem.  In most cases this can be solved by creating an advanced venting system within the crawl space.


Pest Inspection

Eldredge Home Inspection has linked with tried and tested pest control professionals to provide you with experienced experts. If you are interested in the next level of pest protection then simply request this service when ordering an inspection. 

Water Testing


Samples from the home are collected and brought to the Wake County assessment lab.  There are two test that can be performed - Bateria (most common) and Inorganic (metals etc)  

Septic Inspection

We utilize professionals that have built a reputation of trust. This company will remove the septic cap, inspect the water flow, the high water alarm, and an overal inspection of the leach feild.  

. Call Mike at 919-830-3588 .

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